Online Phonics Reading Class for Kids Under Seven Years

Phonics Reading Class

    Total Sessions:  10

    What they will learn:

    • Spelling pattern 
    • Digraph
    • R controlled vowels


    • Children will learn more difficult double letter sounds like oi, ai, oo, or by the end of this phase
    • Kids should be able to say sounds that they are shown and blend sound in simple words to read them

    Why is Reading class the best at AcadPrime:

    • Personalized 1-1 class and specialized attention to the kid 
    • LIVE online interactive class from India's best teachers
    • Access to recorded sessions for parents
    • Builds confidence in Phonics
    • Improves vocabulary
    • Enriches effectiveness in speech

    Reading class

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  • Course : Reading for kids
  • Class/Age : Age 6 To 7
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