Online Classes for class 8 CBSE Board, Premium Group Class

Premium Group Class

    Subjects offered:

    Choose any one or combination of following subjects:
    • Maths
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
    • Social Science

    About Premium class:

    • LIVE online interactive class
    • All Chapter Revision
    • Access to comprehensive Study material 
    • Weekly Quiz 
    • Test Series 
    • Access to TOP tutors

    What is included in Premium class?

    • Notes and Assignment are provided for every class
    • Access to LIVE online & interactive classes
    • Access to recording of all live online classes 
    • Evaluation of answer sheets
    • Access to all webinars for enrolled students

    Why is Premium class the best?

    • Tutoring small batch of 10-15 learners conducted by expert tutors 
    • Exclusive access to mentors
    • Thorough revision before the exam
    • Access to Offline Q&A 
    • 1-1 parent-mentor session
    • Detailed students performance report
    • Parents dashboard to interact with Tutor and Mentor to track child’s progress and receive feedback

    Premium class

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