Eloquent speaking program will help children to improve their communication skills and confidence. It makes them ready to join any conversation.Beginner to expert guidance

Eloquent Speaker

Eloquent Speaker

    Eloquent Speaker is a part of "Global Orator for Kids" program. 

    Total Sessions: 45


    • No of session : 15


    • No of session :15


    • No of session : 15


    • It helps to achieve etiquette of social skill. 
    • It helps to improve fluency of reading and speaking. 
    • It helps to improve confidence and technique of content delivery. 
    • It helps to eliminate barrier of social communication. 
    • It helps to adapt performance speech in circumstantial concept.
    • It helps to develop emerging a classified and confident personality.

    About Global Orator for Kids : 

    • A specially curated package not just to enhance language learning of the child but also imparting Value Education.
    • Milestone based learning; the child is taught the basic etiquette of being the social communicator.
    • Helping child gain excellence in Oratory and parts there of - storytelling, debates, public speeches, and the list goes on...
    • Not just the development of social skills, an overall growth of cognitive skills of the  child takes place.
    • Stress on making the child learn the correct usage of technology to derive the maximum benefit, gaining the confidence to become a youtuber, starting a blog or even a stage speaker.
    • Provides 360° enhancement of child personality development, not just to communicate but how to be the best amongst the rest
    • Your child learns the art of self-adjustment to the natural habitat

    Global Orator for Kids

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