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Education is the most dominant pillar of the successful journey of life. It portrays the true essence of human life in this world. An educated person is always confident and is always ready to face every difficulty with patience and perspective. It is well spoken by Nelson Mandela- "Education works as a weapon in one's life" 
ducation shapes our personality and makes us righteous and generous human beings. Education takes out the darkness and lights our aims, making our lives meaningful and impactful. It helps us to flourish our ambitions and dreams in life.

Every human being has the right to get the proper education that he or she deserves. Education makes us all equal. It is something which goes by us till our death and which will never end. An educated society is the beauty of mankind. Apart from impacting human lives, education also plays a vital role in the development of any country.

It is a tool of national progress which broadens the aspect of development and evolution.  Education represents the economic standard of the nations. Education embeds discipline and culture in one's life. It guides us in leading our lives in the best of our civilized manners. It empowers us. Many people are deprived of this privilege, because of their living conditions, unawareness, or inability to afford the expense.

Every educated earthling must lend their hands in bettering the conditions of the underprivileged by making them aware of the importance of education and knowledge. Education helps to grow our intellect, making us more unbiased as well as stronger in our opinions. It fosters the message of forbearance and selfless service. Moreover, every single reason reflects education as the utmost powerful weapon a human being can hold on to for their entire life.

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