How to Study Chemistry Easily | Best methods to make Chemistry learning

Best methods to make Chemistry learning easier

Whenever I go to a new class and ask the students who all like chemistry as a subject, I can see only a few raised hands. But to your surprise I don’t get sad…yes you heard that right, being a Chemistry teacher, I can tell you there is a method we need to follow for studying Chemistry. In my career of more than 10 years I have developed some points which we need to follow to make chemistry learning easy and Fun.
  • Cumulative Learning-In Chemistry we cannot randomly pick topics for studying. There is a set sequence for the same. For instance, if someone wants to study Thermodynamics then there should be knowledge of some basic concepts of Chemistry, Molarity cannot be studied without mole, Different functional groups need knowledge of Nomenclature and so on.
  • Repetitions-Inorganic Chemistry is considered as most volatile among all three branches of Chemistry :D, to retain inorganic the best tried and tested method is revising each group every 2-3 days initially, and later you can revise the topic weekly. You will see that time required for revising keeps on decreasing, this way you will be able to learn reactions.
  • Handwritten notes-Try to make handwritten notes for each chapter, highlighting important points and exceptions. You can use abbreviations for learning sequences.
  • Charts-Hang some charts in your room using which you can learn naming reactions and periodic tables. When we keep looking at such hangings every day, we can understand them better. It’s a very effective way to make Chemistry easier.
  • Practice Numerical-Physical Chemistry more or less depends on practice. When we are trying to study one chapter, do it in one go and practice the numerical as well. Try not to use a calculator. It will help to make calculations faster.
Most important among all is to be positive When you are going to study Chemistry. Try these points and I can assure you that Chemistry will become one of your favourite subjects.

Article research and published by Sheenam Bhanot (Tutor at AcadPrime)

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