Why Online Tuition is Better Than Offline Tuition

Online tuition, as compared to offline tuition, has its own benefits. Here are some key advantages of online tuitions to help those parents make a better decision for their children.

Learn from best educators: At AcadPrime, you can see the teacher’s ratings and student’s feedback for your child teacher. If you don't like the class, you can learn from another teacher without any extra fees, but such is not the scenario in offline coaching classes.

Learn LIVE - anytime & anywhere :  In online tuitions, you will decide how much time you want to invest in learning and learn from anywhere. 

Revisit the class : When you choose online tuition, you will get access to a whole range of valuable online resources Textbook Solutions like NCERT Solutions, important questions, Exemplar solution and video lectures. In fact, if one day you miss a LIVE class, you can watch the recordings later that will be kept in your library.

Time is important : Time is very important for any student. In offline tuitions, you have to travel distances to get the best tuition, that means you are wasting your time while traveling back & forth. Online tuition helps you to save time as you will take classes over the internet.

Under Parent Supervision: In online tuitions, parents can check if his child is getting the proper education or not, and research has proven that familiar surroundings & home-comfort can have a positive impact on promoting effective & meaningful learning. It helps you to increase focus & concentration. 

Save Money: Online tuition is economical as compared to offline tuitions or coaching classes. When you opt for online tuition, you don’t have to travel anywhere after you come back from school.

Get personal attention: In a class of 100-200 students, you might shy away from clearing your subject doubts. It’s not possible for a teacher to focus on every student in a class of 200 students because of time constraint & vast syllabus.

Increase Engagement in Class: AcadPrime, start-up Ed-Tech companies and online learning platform in India, conducts LIVE classes (LIVE online tuition) where a student interacts with the teacher in real-time, and , you can check the quality of teaching in these FREE learning videos taken by some of the best teachers.

Write Tests & Assignments: If you’re thinking that there will be no test then you are wrong! In online tuition, you get the chance to attempt tests designed by the best teachers and you will get this info on a verified and popular online tuition website only. The teachers will analyze and suggest how to work on your strength & weakness. Not only this, but you will also compete with the best brains across the country!

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