Education system in India

Education system in India

Education system in India, challenges and major areas for improvement

One of the most vital parts of our life is Education. India is amongst largest higher

education network in the world. The structure of higher education consists of

three years of education after twelve years of school education. Main streams are

arts and science and four to five years in professional fields like engineering and

medical. Only 7% of the population that goes to school managed to graduate. A

few reasons why education in India is given less importance in some areas are as


• In India, the system of education is mainly theoretical. Theory of a subject

is very important, but unless and until one knows its practical application

and how to apply it, the education is not fruitful. This is so because the

current market is fully practical oriented and unless you are practically

ready with your subjects, you have a very less chance of getting selected in

any company. So the education system in India should be changed in such a

way that everyone should get education and they become ready to meet

the current world necessities with their practical knowledge.

• Most of the schools are managed by the government. Mostly people opt to

become teachers for easy and secure jobs with good earnings. They have

almost no passion to teach. Teachers’ performance is not evaluated and

they have no goal to achieve.

• Private schools are expensive and out of reach of the poor. Also, the focus

of the school is mostly the financial growth.

• Infrastructure facilities at schools across rural areas and in slums dispense

very poor quality of education.


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Education system in India

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